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Welcome to Learning Israel  – Israel’s exclusive online learning community!

Our staff includes Israel’s most qualified, dynamic speakers in Israel today – true leaders in their fields.

Rabbi Ken Spiro

The Israel Journey: People, Land and History

Rabbi Ken Spiro lives in Jerusalem, Israel. A world renowned expert in Jewish history from biblical times through the modern State of Israel, Rabbi Spiro will lead you on the ultimate Israel journey. His quick paced, humorous style and depth of knowledge make his talks unforgettable.

Rabbi Spiro has appeared on the History Channel, BBC and many other popular media outlets. He will guide you to walk in the footsteps of our ancestors and understand Israel’s secrets to survival and success. With Rabbi Spiro, the miracles of the People, Land and history of Israel will come to life!

Rabbi Ari Enkin

Israel in the Bible: Fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy

Rabbi Ari Enkin lives in Bet Shemesh, Israel. He is a highly acclaimed public speaker known for making even the most complex biblical matters easy to understand. Rabbi Enkin has authored a 7-volume work on Jewish law, and presents with a style that is personable, humorous and all-inclusive.

His passion for bible study and deep love for the Jewish State will open your eyes to the modern day fulfillment of biblical prophecy. With Rabbi Enkin, your faith and commitment to Israel will be taken to a whole new dimension of spiritual growth and understanding.

Penina Taylor

Timeless Jewish Values: Marriage, Family and Friends

Penina Taylor lives in Kiryat Arba, just outside of Hebron, Israel. She is an author, international speaker and acclaimed lecturer about the values of Israel, personal growth and spirituality. Penina’s personal journey includes the incredible transformation from an evangelist’s wife to an Orthodox Israeli Jew.

Her mission is to inspire people of all faiths towards meaningful relationships with God and the important people in their lives. Penina’s life experiences, sharp intellect and inspiring insights will help you to become a better parent, spouse and friend.

Mike Mintz

The Success of Israel: Realize Your Financial Dreams

Mike Mintz, lives in Mitspe Yericho, Israel. A successful entrepreneur, attorney and Internet marketer his diverse professional and spiritual journey provide a wealth of life lessons that emphasize practical and profitable ways of pursuing your passion and realizing your dreams.

Mike will teach you how to achieve freedom from financial fear and anxiety. His dynamic and candid presentation style will feed your passion. The time has come to apply Israeli strategies that will enable you to do what you really love and get paid for it too!

We are confident that you will find Learning Israel to both educational and inspiring!

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